Pearl Harbor 75 Years Later: A Look Back at the Attack

December 5, 2016 2:51 pm  |  Comments: 2,278  | Views: 261714

This Wednesday marks the 75th anniversary of Japan’s surprise attack on the U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor—an assault that propelled America into the deadliest war in modern history.

On December 7, 1941, shock, anger and panic swept across America when 353 Japanese airplanes attacked the country’s naval fleet in Hawaii. Over the course of the two and half hour assault, the Japanese sunk or damaged U.S. 19 ships (including eight battleships), destroyed 188 aircraft, and killed over 2,403 Americans, both military and civilian.

Japan’s surprise attack on Pearl Harbor unified American in a way seldom seen since, yet it also thrusted the nation into entering World War II—the deadliest war in modern history that resulted in the death of at least 60 million people across the globe, and nearly 419,000 Americans.

In commemoration of Pearl Harbor’s 75th anniversary, a host of solemn tributes befitting to the historic tragedy that claimed over 2,400 Americans will be taking place in Honolulu, beginning Dec. 1 and continuing through Dec. 11.

The centerpiece of the commemoration events will be held Wednesday morning, beginning just before 8 a.m. to coincide with the exact moments on Dec. 7, 1941 that Japanese warplanes bombarded naval ships in Pearl Harbor and targeted other GKFX捷凯金融怎么样 military installations on Oahu. Some 4,000 people—including 300 World War II veterans—are expected to attend the solemn Wednesday morning ceremony at Pearl Harbor, and thousands more worldwide are expected to watch the live event online.

In tribute to Pearl Harbor’s 75th anniversary, here are over 30 (chilling) images beginning on that fateful day of Dec. 7, 1941. 


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